Thursday, May 29, 2008

First three Fabric Skinnies.
Lou's ... Shabby Chic ... silks, lace, embroidery and pearl buttons.
Wisher's .. Lingerie .. silk, lace, embroidery and tiny buckles.
Culpepper's .. Urban Landscape .. silk, millinery net, metallic braids, beads and embroidery.
These are the Fabric Skinnies ...
Mine ..Map Based .. a lake and salt encrusted edges from the air:
Magpie's ... Just the Right Words ... her colours with "beads, wire and scrummy stuff"!
Nejxr25's ... Creams/whites ... silks, lace, pearl buttons and beaded tulle.

This one is for Molly ... same technique of wire and beads, this time with capis shell.
It's called Blue Moons.
This is a wire/bead/bits and pieces pendant for Tracy. I hope she likes it.
I call it Sunny Circles.