Monday, February 27, 2012

This is my matchbox shrine for Hotluca

who wanted "dark, mysterious and out there" !!

The tree come from the door of a castle, the "lady" inside is Morrigan, Irish goddess of War, and the tassell and beaded lace was once

part of a risque ladies costume for a roller skating act in the 1920s.

I wonder if that is mysterious enough??


Poemic said...

I'm the proud owner of this and it's not only dark and mysterious (thanks for the explanation of the lady inside!) but it's also deeply sexy in a deep way. It's completely beautiful and I love the bead detail - this is my perfect swap! Thanks, a really lot, HL xx

BEX said...

Stunning matchbox shrine - and sexy too. Fabulous. Thanks for showing us all.

Leanie said...