Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Guess what .. its over 6 months since I was last on .. and its another combined challenge on UKS .. Summer Snap! 2017 !!

So here goes once again....  there is one category and a couple of better photos to come yet .. so watch this space ...

List of 20:

1) a Dome .. hard to find in rural Essex .. so next best thing, domed garden trellis/obelisks ..

2) a hanging basket .. better .. thanks to Perrywoods, my local garden centre ..

3) something sticky,  well since I gave up eating sticky toffee pudding I fell back on plain ole gle ..

4)  something smaller than your thumb .. how about two handmade teddies?? ..

5) a set of three .. Perrywoods again to the rescue .. great plant related stuff and some lovely gifts ...

6) anything noisy .. so what is more noisy that a bunch of kids at a petting Zoo?  .. well I coaxed these four into standing still for two seconds .. with their Mum's permission ..

7)  on a bench .. in my neighbour's garden ..

8)  an apple .. guess where, yep, Perrywoods again ..

9)  an object you would never part with .. easy, the cross hubby gave me on our weddding day .. worn it ever since and that's over 45 years ...

10)  a street sign beginning with S ..

11) a reflection other that in a mirror .. how about the cellophane around a table set? ...

you can just make out me taking its picture!

12)  stitches .. lots of them in this blackwork piece theidea taken from a children' story book

13)  something tall .. a 60' + eucalyptus OK ..its been lopped to 7' now, too big, too near the building.

14)  anything containing the letter Z .. childrens gifts came in handy here ..

15) Feathers .. on my hat, on the ground and on their original owners ...

16) peace and quiet .. Abberton Resevoir is so peaceful, lovely place to just relax - even if your have no idea of which bird id which!!

17)  something with a tail .. wooden birds, and a very long tail attached to a monkey in Colchester Zoo.

18)  a wall .. the wall in Colchester parts of which date back to the Romans ..

19) two wheels ..
a boat trailor/cradle ...
and a bike for sale ...

20) something surprising ... how about a Morninbg Glory flower that actually flowers at night?

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